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First Education Consultants and Migration Australia Group, also known as FIRSTEC International, is a premier education & migration consultancy company in Australia with the head office located in Melbourne Australia.

FIRSTEC International has various overseas offices and representatives that provide individuals with an opportunity to apply to study, grow and succeed in AUSTRALIA and SINGAPORE, as well as other destinations.


The following services are provided to the International students:

  • Comprehensive information about the relevant countries’ Education System
  • Assistance in understanding the importance of being a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)
  • Assistance in selecting the best study path for International students
  • Assistance in achieving high English Proficiency results
  • Assistance in Student and Dependent Visa application processing
  • Assistance in finding temporary student accommodation in most major cities
  • Pre-departure briefing to students about the culture, climate, opportunities and general living of the study destination


Hi, my name is Angelica from Manila, Philippines. Soon, I will be flying to Australia to study my Bachelor of Hospitality Management. I want to thank the Migration Agent of FIRSTEC International who lodged my visa application to Australia. My visa was lodged on February 20, 2018 and was granted on March 7, 2018. It took me only 9 days for my visa grant. I’m very thankful to FIRSTEC International for all the support they had given me for the entire process. I’m looking forward to vising FIRSTEC International head office in Australia upon my arrival and continue taking the guidance to my student life in Australia. For those who want to go abroad, I highly recommend FIRSTEC International.

Hello, my name is Erika-Cheza and I’m 20 years old. I will be taking up Master of Business Administration in Torrens University which will commence in April 2018. I want to thank FIRSTEC International for helping me for the entire process. I was very delighted to work with FIRSTEC International for all the positivity and motivation they had given me. I’m looking forward to visiting FIRSTEC International head office in Australia. To everyone who dream of studying in Australia, do not hesitate to approach FIRSTEC International as they are very experienced and reliable migration agents. FIRSTEC International services are excellent.

Hi, I am Rolando. I apply for my Tourist Visa through FIRSTEC International. I really made the right choice and I highly recommend FIRSTEC International to people who are looking for an expert to the matters of visa application. From the bottom of my heart to all of you, member of FIRSTEC International, Thank you very much for assisting in getting my Tourist Visa

Hi, I’m Aamir Iqbal from Kolkata, India. Soon I’ll be flying to Australia to study my Diploma course. I want to thank the Migration Agent of FIRSTEC International who lodge my visa to Australia. My visa was lodged on 9th November 2017 and was granted on 17th November 2017. It was granted in only 7 days. I’m very thankful to FIRSTEC International team in India and the migration team in Australia for all the assistance and support they had given me for the entire process. Special thanks to manager Karun and Sid Sir for the guidance also continuous help from Varun and Animesh, Sir. I am looking forward to visiting FIRSTEC International Head Office in Australia upon my arrival and continue taking guidance throughout my student life in Australia. For people who want to go overseas and abroad I highly recommend FIRSTEC International. Thank you FIRSTEC International!

Hi, my name is Mil, I’m from Thailand. I just got my Temporary Resident visa granted. I’m so happy and thanks to FIRSTEC International. They gave me a very good consultation also provide the checklist of documents that I need to prepare. They also help me to lodge my visa application and follow up my case as well. Special thanks to Chris and team because I was so nervous and worried about my visa, but FIRSTEC International help me to sort out every problem for me until I got my visa. I’m so happy. Thank you so much FIRSTEC International.

Hi, I’m Radek from Czech Republic. First of all, I want to say thank you to FIRSTEC International for helping me in every time. They are here for me whenever I want and they choose one of the best school for me in Melbourne. I am very happy with that. Thank you. I am happy to study in Prahran campus of Melbourne Polytechnic. They have a very good environment for studying. The hospitality campus is very nice. Teachers are very helpful anytime and I really like this school and I can recommend Melbourne Polytechnic to everybody. Thank you.

Hi. I am Sonam Dorji from Bhutan. I came to Australia in April 2016. FIRSTEC International has helped me to get a visa to live in Australia. They have given their best support to me. During dealing with FIRSTEC International I have realized that they take all of their client’s case very seriously. It is because of FIRSTEC International that I am here with my wife in Australia today. If you want to come to Australia in the future, you can come to FIRSTEC International because they are very very very very good and reliable. Thank you.

Hello! I am Cornelio SabelloFIRSTEC International have helped me applied for my PR in Australia. They are very efficient and prompt in submitting and following up with outstanding requirements to immigration. FIRSTEC International team went above and beyond in helping me with my requirements. FIRSTEC International service is EXCELLENT!